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V10 4K projector in daytime
November 25 , 2022

Hi everyone, this is Jason from Wupro company, see you again. In the last video, some customers know Formovie V10 and ask me taking a video about it in daytime. Today, I will show it to customers who want to see it.

Fomovie V10 has 2500ansi lumens, so the movie image is very clearly in the daytime. You can see this video, it can play a nice movie effect in the daytime, when it plays video on screen, high resolution video can make pictures and details much more clearly and vivid, you can enjoy it like a real world.

Formovie V10 is really a hot product, we can sale about 5pcs or more per day. And this projector have a special appearance can attract more customers. This projector with 4k movie but price is cheaper, we are doing activity now, price only 999usd now.

This projector has good movie and with a lower price. We have many products in stock now, so we can ship within 1 day. If you have any questions or want to learn more details pls feel free let me know, I will reply to you as soon as possible. See you next time.

Editor: Jason Lee


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